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4 Corrosion Solutions

Dealing with rust or corrosion of any kind is not fun. It doesn’t look like much, but it can quickly become a problem. Rust is unsightly and can cause sharp corners as it chips away at the metal. Plus, if ignored for long enough, it may eventually compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.

So, what exactly is rust? What causes it? This type of corrosion is the result of a chemical reaction between iron, oxygen, and moisture. Rust is not as much of a problem in today’s vehicles because of their materials. If iron is still present anywhere on the vehicle, it is now better protected via rust-resistant paint and other coatings. Even so, it is best to be aware of the potential and prevent the possibility of corrosion before it even begins. Here are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of rust on your vehicle.

  1. Store your car in a dry location. A garage would be perfectly suited for the task, as long as the air is not damp. Refrain from leaving your vehicles outside where they are exposed to the elements. Even an open-air car port will not fully protect the materials from precipitation.
  2. Keep your car clean whenever possible. Dirt and dust can build up and trap moisture close to the body of the vehicle. The dirtier the vehicle, the more moisture will be trapped, providing the perfect opportunity for rust to form. Keep the inside clean as well. Moisture and dirt build-up can easily migrate to the outside of the vehicle if you’re not careful.
  3. Spray a rust inhibitor. These come in aerosol cans or spray bottles, and they may be bought at your local hardware store. The formula is designed to prevent the chemical reactions that cause corrosion and rust. Spray on current problem areas or on specific parts that have a higher chance of developing rust in the future.
  4. Coat your entire vehicle with a protective layer. This can be done yourself with some off-the-shelf protective solution, or you can have it professionally applied at a local auto body shop. Either way, this is the way to go if you’re driving an older vehicle, or if you simply want the peace of mind that comes with full-coverage protection.

It’s important to note that rust does NOT have to be permanent. It’s not possible to reverse the corrosion and fully restore the material, but you can stop the process by removing the problem area. This requires sanding, filling, and polishing the material to make it look as good as new. The best thing you can do is prevent corrosion before it begins. Neptune Wash Solutions specializes in systems that keep your vehicles clean and sanitized. Contact us today to see our catalogue and receive a quote!