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February 13, 2017
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February 21, 2017
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Anti-Freeze Chemicals

control-panelNow that we are into February, there are a lot of seasonal concerns that we need to think about. Ice on the roads, snow storms to drive through, and people who don’t know how to drive safely in inclement weather are only a few of these. While they are normally the ones highest on our list of worries when it comes to drivers, there are many others that can sneak up on us without prior notice. I’m not necessarily talking about vehicles problems, either. What I’m talking about is something that we don’t normally think of unless there is a constant reminder. I’m talking about anti-freeze chemicals.

We all know that anti-freeze is poisonous to drink. Thankfully, we simply put anti-freeze in the reservoir and close the cap, not thinking of it again until needed. While this is good, it isn’t always the case. Very often, there is a major problem with water used for truck cleaning freezing onto the vehicle instead of drying like it would in warmer weather. To combat this, chemicals are introduced to the soap or water which work to prevent the freezing from occurring. The issue is, unfortunately, anti-freeze is still poisonous. Now don’t worry, I don’t expect that you’re drinking the water or the soap. However, I’m also not saying it’s poisonous specifically to you or humans in general for that matter.

Anti-freeze chemicals are poisonous to most living things. This includes humans, pets, wild animals, plants, and insects. Naturally if you have pets, you will want to be careful if you deal with these chemicals at all. Making sure to wash your hands and anything else your pet may come in contact with which could have been contaminated is your first step. If you walk your dog around outside during the winter, wiping their paws down before they can lick them is a good idea.

Anything you can do to lessen the exposure of these chemicals to animals, including wildlife, is worth an attempt. For all the good that they can do for your vehicles, the damage that it can cause to an ecosystem can be extensive. Always remember to be mindful when using any chemicals, and be sure to research any ones you may be thinking of using. We want everyone to be safe, and that includes our furry companions as well.