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January 31, 2019
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Clean and Professional

Neptune Wash

Clean trucks…Inside and Out

Do you ever drive down the road and think to yourself, “Wow, that truck is super clean”? Chances are that you probably don’t. On the flip side, however, you have probably looked at a truck as you drove down the road and thought “Oh my gosh, that’s filthy!” I know that I have. Normally when something is exceptionally dirty, I make a note to check what company is using the truck or van. Unless it’s understandable why the body is so dirty, it makes me wonder why I would ever consider using that company. This is especially true when it is something like a moving company. After all, if they don’t take care of their own vehicles, why would I trust that they would take care of my stuff?

When it comes to having clean trucks, it is always better to err on the side of caution. If you have the chance to wash your vehicles, even if they don’t really seem dirty, you probably should. It doesn’t take long for a layer of dirt to get out of control and it tends to look unprofessional when it has been left for a while. Although there will always be circumstances beyond your control, the less often that people will see a messy truck with your company’s name on it, the better.

This isn’t a universal statement, either. After all, I doubt any of us are bothered when construction equipment looks like it’s been deep in the mud for a few weeks. It might not mean that we want to jump up on it and play around (even if it was safe) but it doesn’t affect the perceived professionalism of the company that either creates or uses the machines. For the most part, however, it probably wouldn’t help your business.

If you can’t seem to stay on top of keeping your equipment or trucks clean, we suggest looking into Neptune’s automated wash systems. We have a great selection to choose from in everything from size to intensity of the clean. It is all dependent upon what your company needs! Head over to our product page and see what you can get when you work with Neptune to get an optimal, touchless clean. You never know what you’re missing until you have it and we can guarantee you that you have never had anything quite as good as a Neptune system!