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August 22, 2018
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September 14, 2018
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Clean Trucks

Neptune Wash

Clean trucks…Inside and Out

Making sure that your vehicles are clean is one of the things that should be most important to you as a business owner. Not only does the cleanliness of your truck reflect onto the image of your company, but it really is important for everything around you. Just like you wouldn’t like to live in a filthy house, most animals wouldn’t like to live in dirty areas either. Now I’m not just talking about dirt here. Imagine if you weren’t able to have your garbage picked up for a few weeks. Not only would the stench get to you, but all of the little bugs that come along with it would probably make you a bit crazy too. My personal belief is that if you wouldn’t want it laying around your house, there’s no reason to leave it where the animals in the wild would have to deal with it either.

Here at Neptune, we really care about the environment and everything and everyone who lives in it. While this naturally involves humans, we care about the four legged critters as well. One of the reasons that we always want to make sure that vehicles are nice and clean is to help prevent contamination or cross contamination from one ecosystem to another. Dropping off stuff, even dirt or bugs, that aren’t native to a certain area can accidently have a huge and potentially deadly influence on wherever the item lands. This is most often seen with bugs, but can happen with plants as well. It can be extremely dangerous, especially if the ecosystem involves animals that are endangered such as certain types of bees.

Making sure that your trucks are clean on the inside and the outside is something that we have set out to do from the start. We were originally end users and so we understand what it is that you want out of a truck washing company. Our automated truck wash systems are designed with you, and only you, in mind. We wanted to ensure that everyone got what they wanted and we think we did a pretty good job of accomplishing that. Check out what types of systems we have to offer and see which one would fit your company best. We can guarantee you won’t find one that’s better!