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September 19, 2018
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Clean Trucks and Our Environment

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Clean trucks…Inside and Out

The environment is a very delicate thing. We often hear the word delicate being used in regards to things like flowers or small animals, but even trees can be delicate when they face something they aren’t used to. Think of certain fungi or diseases that can be found in the forest. Some forests can be completely ravaged within a couple of years if the wrong thing is introduced. Even some other plants can be deadly if they are brought out of their specific ecosystem. Invasive species can be found all across nature, whether in flora or fauna.

This is one of the many reasons why cleaning your vehicles is so important. Although you probably aren’t going to be driving through a forest dropping seeds to plants that you know aren’t good for the area, your truck may accidentally be doing just that without your knowledge. Plant spores and pollen can stick to almost anything and the surface of your vehicle is no different. Go outside in the spring after a good rainstorm and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Although your black car may not actually be yellow, there is likely going to be a visible film of pollen on it. When this happens, you normally either drive it through the car wash or wait for the next rain. However, when you’re driving across the country you need to be more vigilant about what may be on your vehicle.

Even if you don’t see anything on your truck, you want to wash away anything that may have stuck to it from your last trip. Even if you didn’t go anywhere that you think you may have collected some particles of plants, you always want to be safe rather than sorry. After all, you don’t know if another vehicle you passed had something on it that transferred to yours along your trip. While it may not seem like a big deal, it certainly can lead to a large problem.

This is especially true if bugs are involved. If you get the wrong kind of worm on the undercarriage of your truck and drop it off somewhere, ecosystems can be devastated. It is incredibly important for you to wash your company vehicles each and every time they come in to prevent this kind of thing. You never want to have something like that on your conscience.