Rain Water and Clean Trucks
September 27, 2017
Clean Water is Important to Us All
October 24, 2017
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Clean Trucks Help the Environment

Neptune WashThe question often arises of what can a handful of people do to make a difference in the world. This is a notoriously difficult question to answer, as many of the things are difficult for the everyday human to do. There are, however, a few things that almost anyone in your position can do if they are interested in making the world a little better. You have a unique ability as a business owner to do some wonderful things and most of them start with helping your business as well as the rest of your global community.

One of the first things that you can do to help your local environment is something you really should be doing in the first place. That is washing your trucks and other equipment on a regular basis. Making sure that your vehicles are washed and dried really can make a great deal of difference even if it sometimes doesn’t seem it. Think of it this way: you have a bunch of trucks that get dirty, they get covered in sap, things stick to them, bugs can crawl in, etc. These issues are not only unsightly and unsanitary, but they may end up being damaging to the environment as well! If you happen to bring a couple of bugs that are not native to the area in or your truck transports pollen that isn’t normally found in that location, it can seriously damage a local ecosystem. This is something that you certainly don’t want to happen, as ecosystems are fragile enough already without human interference.

Making sure that your trucks traveling from one place to another, no matter how close they are to each other, is extremely important. Clean trucks give off less dirt and that is simply basic logic. It is also much better for your company’s image if your vehicles are nice and squeaky clean, but that’s another story for another time. If you are wondering what is something that you can do to help our Earth, one of the easiest things is to purchase a Neptune automated wash system and make sure that your fleet is sparkling before sending them out on the road. It really is that easy. While there are other decisions that you can make which will help, there is nothing wrong with starting with something nice and easy.