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March 28, 2018
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April 13, 2018
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Clean Trucks

Neptune Wash

Clean trucks…Inside and Out

Here at Neptune, we are very conscious of how our actions and inactions affect the environment around us. We have built our entire business around trying to do all we can to preserve the wonders and beauties of nature that we have been given. It’s one of the reasons why we use reclaimed wastewater for all of our machines and serves as an inspiration for everything we do and say in this industry. It also is one of the main reasons that we got into the business of automated wash systems in the first place.

We were once end users just like you. We had fleets of trucks that needed to be cleaned and cared for, but we couldn’t seem to find quite what we were looking for. Every system that we found was either the wrong size or didn’t provide an effective clean or was simply too wasteful. When we realized that nothing out there was meeting our standards, we decided to take matters into our own hands and make something that we would want to use ourselves. For too long were the people who created these machines out of touch with what the users wanted. We wanted to put an end to this cycle by creating something that we knew people would want. We also wanted to create something that could give back to this Earth each time it was used.

Our automated truck wash systems mean more to us than just something to make us some money. They represent a change in how this industry works. It means a change in how machines like ours are used in regards to the environment. We want everyone to know just how important things like water and clean air are and hope that our business and creations show that we really do care. It’s one of the reasons that we started this work. We want people to know that clean trucks are important but that they can also be made that way without ravaging the planet for things that we already have.

If you are like us and care about the environment, then Neptune is the company for you. Our wash systems are the best in the industry and are the best for the Earth. What more could you really ask for?