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September 15, 2016
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Clean Water

Clean Water

Water is the source of all life. Everything needs water in some way, and none of us are exceptions. Not only do humans need water, but other animals and plants rely on it as well. While it is true that some animals or plants can survive with less water consumption, we all need at least a little. Evolution is incredible in the sense that although everything carbon based does need water, some need different kinds of water. There are thousands and millions of different species and breeds of plants and animals in the ocean that need salt water rather than fresh water to survive. If you take any animal that resides in the ocean and put it in a stream or pond, it will pass due to its needs not being correctly met. The reverse is also true. Even animals that live on land or spend most of their time in the air are often dependent on one type of water or the other.

Humans cannot survive with salt water alone. If the only thing we had to drink was salt water, we would not last long at all. Unfortunately for us, salt water is the most common kind across the earth. While salt water is the most abundant, fresh water is forced to take a back seat in some respects. Between the lack of fresh water against the amount of salt water and the ice caps and many other factors, less than one percent of the planet has fresh clean drinking water. Unfortunately, we can’t just “make more” as quite a few people at much higher pay grades than I have suggested, although that would make this world quite a wonderful place. The only way to keep the water that we so desperately need is to recycle and reuse it.

There are different levels of clean when it comes to anything and water is no exception to that rule. While most of us are fine washing our vehicles or bathing in water from the tap, many of us purify it before drinking. Now, you don’t need to purify water to wash your trucks but you don’t want dirty water either. Here at Neptune, we use wastewater reclaim to recycle water that you use and it can filter out solids before allowing you to use the same water over again to wash another truck. Look at our products and see which one is best for your company; all of them are good for the environment!