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Cleaning Trucks…Inside and Out

Neptune Wash

Here at Neptune, we remember what it was like to be in your position. We began as end users and so we know the struggles that you deal with on a daily basis. In fact, the main reason we are no longer in your position is because we saw that there was a drastic need in the automated wash system industry. The fact of the matter is that most companies just create what they think companies like yours want. They haven’t been where you are, though, so the best they can do is guess. Thankfully for you, Neptune was created because we knew what we wanted and didn’t see it. Sometimes if you want something done, you really do need to do it yourself and that is just what we did!

                  One of the major things that we knew needed to be an option on our wash systems was a sanitation and sterilization cycle. This is especially important for companies that transport food. Sometimes food can come to us with bacteria or dirt or even bugs among the packages. We knew that there needed to be a way to clean that out between every run to help prevent cross-contamination. Due to this, we came up with our own system that ensures that your truck will be as clean as a hospital both inside and out no matter what you had been hauling on your last trip.

                  If your company transports any kind of meat, this is something you desperately need. While washing out your trailer with water and soap may be okay for some things, it just won’t cut it when it comes to transporting food that has to be climate controlled. Whether you get chicken after it is put in plastic or before it is even done clucking, a complete sanitation is something that is imperative for you to be able to complete. There is a great deal of bacteria that can grow on meat or on animals that cannot be transferred to another load safely. This means that a sanitation cycle on your automated wash system is exactly what you need to keep everyone safe; even those who you don’t know that are receiving the product from a store. Check our website to see what system would best suit your needs and be sure to mention the sanitation cycle when you contact us!