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Common Mining Site Contaminants

What is the purpose of a wash system? It’s to clean and sanitize the vehicles, preventing the spread of dirt and harmful contaminants to the roads. Neptune Wash Solutions is here to help with any of your projects that may require a high-powered wash system, whether permanent or portable.

Mining sites are a prime example. As the heavy machinery travels the site, they can pick up dirt, dust, mud, and all the contaminants that come from the ground. Many are naturally occurring, and some are brought in to help make the mining more efficient. Let’s discuss some of the most common mining site contaminants and how to avoid spreading them outside the perimeter.

Naturally-Occurring Elements

Arsenic, copper, zinc, silver, and lead are just a few examples of naturally-occurring elements that might surface during an invasive mining operation. These elements on their own are not particularly damaging. But if they were to seep into the water or become airborne, then they may have harmful effects on the people and the environment surrounding the site. These harmful effects would only be amplified if the contaminants latched onto the vehicles and exited the perimeter.

Dust and sediment are not typically considered contaminants, but they can become a problem if left unchecked. Invasive operations such as mining will disturb the land, which may quickly create a cloud of dust carrying any contaminants that were previously sedentary and contained. Try our Neptune Evaporator to dampen the earth and discourage large dust clouds. Contaminated sediment can easily loosen and fall into a nearby water source or latch onto a mining machine.

Foreign Substances

Sulfuric acid and cyanide are frequently used to aid in the mining process. Introducing foreign elements and materials is not inherently dangerous, but you must be careful to keep it contained within the perimeter. This can be difficult with all the vehicles entering and exiting the site. You may want to try washing them yourself, but that takes time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere. Plus, consistency and thoroughness are essential when it comes to preventing the spread of contaminants. Neptune Wash Solutions is here to help! Our company is built from end users just like you, so we know exactly what you’re looking for. Visit our website to get an idea of what our products have to offer and how they differ from the competitors. Contact us to get a quote on wheel wash systems, disinfectant modules, and more!