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February 27, 2018
March 15, 2018
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Easy Washing

Wouldn’t it be better if things that were covered in dirt could just clean themselves? I know that I would certainly love that ability if my dishes had it. Luckily for me, a sink full of dishes is much easier to clean than an entire fleet of trucks. You probably know exactly what I mean and while there are easy ways to wash most dishes, like a dishwasher, this isn’t always an easy fix. There is one main difference between dishes and a truck. It is not an easy task to put a truck into a dishwasher.

While loading and unloading the dishes may be a pain, it is at least possible. Sometimes, even putting large bowls into the dishwasher show the issue that can occur if you try to wash something too large. In this situation, you either wash it by hand or get a bigger dishwasher. Luckily for you, here at Neptune we don’t like doing the dishes by hand. That’s why we created our own truck compatible version of a dishwasher. It’s much better for most dishes to be put through the dishwasher than rubbed with a dirty rag or sponge. The same is true of any vehicle. It is safer to have your truck fleet washed by a machine than by hand. Even the best person can potentially miss a spot or leave a mark. A machine, because it doesn’t think, cannot be distracted. It does the same thing over and over and has been created for the simple tasks it completes. This is true of Neptune’s automated truck wash systems as well.

Our automated wash systems can be used for tractor trailers, busses, construction equipment, fracking rigs, and a multitude of other vehicles which can become covered in any number of types of dirt or other contaminants. We have been creating and improving our product for years for the benefit of people just like you. We started our company because we couldn’t find what we wanted, so we decided to make it instead. Our automated wash systems were created by someone who knows exactly what you need. We know how to balance cleaning with water preservation and even understand how useful self-cleaning can be for someone who is as busy as you are every day. Contact us and see just how much better you’ll feel knowing that you can easily wash dishes of any size.