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February 11, 2022
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April 11, 2022
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Effect of Winter Storm Uri on Work Sites

Winter Storm Uri was big news in the United States last February. Uri ripped through the United States, bringing cold temperatures, tornadoes, and dumping enormous amounts of snow and ice in states that weren’t prepared for such extreme weather. The biggest problem with this particular storm was its unfortunate concurrence with another winter storm, Viola, that was also ravaging the United States. Together, they made a mess of the Pacific Northwest, the Southern US, the Midwest, and the Northeastern US. Texas was one of the states most affected, although people across the country were struck with blackouts and dangerous conditions.

And while the focus of these storms is usually its effect on residential areas, what about commercial processes? How did winter storm Uri affect construction sites? The reality is that the storm impacted work sites just as much as people with jobs and businesses, those who couldn’t leave their houses because of power outages or dangerous road conditions.

With its frigid temperatures, Uri caused pipes across the United States to burst. This kind of damage, along with any damage that might have been done to the interiors due to the sudden leakage, is extremely costly. Not only that, but it led to a spike in demand that then caused a shortage of supplies. Construction companies and contractors were put behind schedule with the arrival of the storm. Fortunately, many worksite managers had the foresight to drain any water from the pipes and hoses. This would prevent them from freezing and bursting, causing untold damage and expenses, putting them even further behind schedule.

But even after the storm passed and people began to return to work, the construction sites themselves were a mess. Rain, snow, ice, and even tornadoes can cause a muddy mess on undeveloped land. Now not only are construction workers behind schedule, but they have to drag themselves and their machinery through the mud as well. This mud, of course, transfers to the roads, causing an even greater mess and affecting those around them. Here at Neptune Wash Solutions, we offer full-service wash systems to counteract the buildup of mud, dirt, and grime. Our compact and customizable wash stations clean and sanitize the wheels of your cars, trucks, and construction equipment. Don’t let the mud get you down, and don’t let it spread to the roads, where it can be much more difficult to remove. Visit our website to see our full lineup of products. Contact us to get a quote today!