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Effects of Abandoned Mine Lands

While in operation, mining sites and other major land disturbances are carefully monitored by federal agencies. Their managers and workers must all follow protocol and adhere to strict regulations that prevent any long-term damage to the surrounding land or other natural resources.

But what happens when these mining sites are no longer useful or profitable? The sites are shut down, and many are left abandoned. Even those that were terminated with great care and caution can leave a scar on the land and negatively affect protected natural resources. Luckily, this is largely a thing of the past due to the enactment of strict environmental laws. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has numerous procedures in place that deal with topics such as water, air, chemical spills, and other toxic substances.

Improper handling of mining sites could inadvertently release such toxic substances that may have widespread effects on the environment. For example, the Groundwater Protection Council (GWPC) maintains that the corrosive chemicals used in mining may seep into our groundwater. This contamination poses a threat to overall health and ecological balance.

Not only that, but often abandoned mines leave behind unsightly gashes in the ground and piles of extraneous refuse. The mines themselves are damaging the environment, and piles of overturned earth become airborne and lead to clouds of dust and debris. This pollutes the air with particles and even corrosive chemicals. Airborne particles are damaging to the human lungs when inhaled and can lead to serious health issues down the road.

So, what can be done to remedy the negative effects of abandoned mine lands? For one thing, they can be reclaimed and reopened. This has become a common occurrence in recent years after the enactment of federal laws. Under this new management, the strict enforcement of regulations allows for safer and more environmentally conscious mining. After a mine has served its purpose and is no longer usable, mines can be filled and piles of waste can be seeded to prevent plumes of dust and debris. But even with the federal regulations of the 21st century, mining sites can still be a source of pollution. Vehicles travel in and out of the site all day, carrying dirt, dust, and potentially toxic chemicals on their tires. Neptune Wash Systems are here to ensure that these don’t leave the premises. Our wash bays quickly and conveniently wash, rinse, and sanitize vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Refer to our full line of products on our website, and call us for a quote today!