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September 4, 2019
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September 24, 2019
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Farm Equipment

One of the most common questions we hear from kids is “Why should I take a bath when I’m just going to play in the dirt again?”. Anyone who has taken care of children for an extended period of time may end up asking themselves the same question, as it can seem like we are always just trying to get the little ones clean. While we aren’t saying that children are exactly farm equipment, we can all agree that both can get about as dirty! Your farm equipment can be quite similar to children in some respects. You want to keep both clean so that they and you stay healthy and so that others can be comfortable being around them too.

                  One thing that you need to remember about farm equipment is that it comes into contact with things that directly impact people, like food. This may seem like something you can ignore because there is a large amount of processing that happens to the food before it makes it to anyone’s table, but it does start with you and your equipment. Even just tilling the earth can impact what will end up being food. I think we can all agree that most things taste better without dirt and such on them, and the food that you help to produce is no different.

                  The biggest reason that you need to wash your farm equipment often is because of all the bacteria that can spread on its surface. Even if you don’t think there is anything dangerous anywhere on your farm, you most likely use things like pesticides and fertilizer which have either solid waste or toxic chemicals in it. Now, I know I would feel better eating something that is not covered in that stuff. Even if you wash your food off before you eat it, there is still a chance that there is some cross contamination if it was there when the food was first being processed. I’m sure you’d rather not feed it to your children, either, regardless of how dirty they are outside!

                  Here at Neptune, we want to remind you that washing things isn’t a cosmetic issue. There is an extremely practical reason why things need to be washed and most of it pertains to health. Get one of our automated wash systems and see just how easy it is to be clean and safe!