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Farm Equipment

We often hear people ask why they should wash their farm equipment so often, especially if it isn’t dirty yet. I don’t know about you, but I often feel that way about my clothes after they have been in the drawer for a long time. A perfect example is right now when the seasons are starting to change over, most of my spring and summer appropriate clothes have been sitting in a dresser for five months. While they’re likely still clean, they probably could stand a good wash from sitting there for so long. Your farm equipment is quite similar to your clothes in some respects, and this is definitely one of them.

                  One thing that you really need to remember about farm equipment is that it comes into contact with food that people eat. This may seem inconsequential because there is a great deal of processing and cleaning that happens to the food before it makes it to anyone’s table, but it always starts with your machines. Since the weather (and the ground) is starting to warm back up, it is important to remember that even something as early in the process as turning over the earth can make an impact on the end result. You never want to have a large amount of dirt left over on your equipment, as the ground has a lot of stuff in it that is less than savory.

                  The main reason that you need to wash your farm equipment often is because of the bacteria that will spread on its surface. Things like manure, pesticides, and even the bacteria that humans introduce to the environment can made a large impact on the end result. Even if you wash your food off before you eat it, there is still a chance that something has stuck around if it was there when the food was first being processed.

                  Here at Neptune, we really want to remind you that washing things isn’t just to make them look pretty. There is a very practical reason why we want everything washed and most of it pertains to health. The last thing we need is an outbreak of some disease which could have been prevented by you owning one of our machines. We certainly don’t need any more food recalls, as there have been more than enough of those recently. Call us today to find a wash system that fits your needs!