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March 21, 2017
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Hitchhiking Bugs

If you are in a location like I am, warm weather is slowing finding its way to you. While this is normally a good thing, humans are not the only ones that enjoy the spring time. While many animals such as birds or foxes that we begin to see more of as the weather starts to level out are cute, there are some that we would rather not see that enjoy these temperatures as well. Bugs often come out in droves as the weather warms and this year is no exception. While we haven’t really seen much of an infestation yet, there are certain things that are leaning towards concern. For example, a friend of mine in New England just recently told me that he pulled a baby tick off his arm. Oh yes, they are already showing themselves.

You may be wondering what this has to do with you. After all, this isn’t a health or nature blog, it’s a blog about truck fleets and construction equipment. While this is true, vehicles can have a part in bug’s lives as well. Although most of the time when we think of moving cars and bugs we think about them splattered against the windshield, there are other interactions they can have. I’m sure we’ve all found a spider in our car before, and naturally we have almost crashed trying to smash it with our shoe which may or may not still be on our foot at the time. I used to have a Buick that bees seemed to love and would often find them by the back window after flying into the car somehow. My point is that bugs can find their way into vehicles with ease. If you are driving cross country especially, this may be dangerous.

While some examples may be much more extreme than others, such as finding a scorpion in your bunk, any time a bug manages to get into your vehicle is generally a bad thing. Not only is it annoying to deal with while driving, but these bugs then get out and can infest another area. Keeping bug spray in the cab may not be a bad idea, but just be sure to be careful with it. You aren’t supposed to pick up hitchhikers, so don’t let the small flying kind tag along either.