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October 6, 2021
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How Automated Wash Systems Prevent the Spread of Toxins

Cars get dirty. Dirt, mud, grease, and other large particles are bound to build over time and get lodged in the most inconvenient of places. It’s one of the caveats of vehicle ownership. Keeping your vehicle spic and span is back-breaking work. But gone are the days when you had to drag out the hose and scrub every nook and cranny yourself. Now, machine automation has made the process much easier. It’s quicker and more efficient, too. Simply drive your vehicle to the car wash and let the conveyor belt guide you through the maze of jets and brushes. Ta-da! Your car comes out the other side looking good as new in only a few minutes.

This is great for the average consumer. But is there something similar for those who require a bit more horsepower? Heavy-duty cleaning involves both cleaning and disinfecting. This is important for those who work with potentially toxic materials. Not only can a vehicle collect dirt and grime, but it can pick up viruses and bacteria. These hitchhikers are then easily transported to new places and new hosts. Needless to say, these are hitchhikers that you definitely don’t want to be spread around.

Heavy-duty cleaning and disinfection can be done manually. However, the risk of sloppy or incomplete work is too great to ignore. You can be as thorough as possible, but there will likely always be spots that were not given enough attention or missed entirely. Besides that, it could take hours to be as thorough as would be required by health and safety standards. This is time and energy that would be best spent elsewhere on more important matters.

Enter the automated wash system.

Designed with industrial vehicles in mind, automated wash systems are built to clean and disinfect trucks of all kinds. No need to waste precious hours on exhausting manual labor. The precision and consistency of these machines offers a greater peace of mind. Strategically-placed jets provide full coverage of the wheels and chassis, getting under and around the areas where dirt or toxins may be lurking. Then, an efficient system transports the polluted water away from the vehicle, keeping the wash station clean and sanitary. As the wash cycle comes to an end, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle has been made spotless in only a fraction of the time. Contact Neptune Wash Solutions to see all available systems and get a quote. We’ll be glad to help you identify and fulfill all your sanitation needs!