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How Do Wheel Wash Systems Work?

Wheel wash systems are wonderfully efficient and consistently thorough. Whether you want to sanitize to avoid spreading pathogens and other bacteria, or you need to clean your tires to avoid tracking dirt on the roads, these automatic machines are perfect for your vehicle. Many wash systems are made to accommodate cars, trucks, and heavy construction machinery alike.

But how exactly do they work? This answer is more difficult than it may first appear, as it depends on the kind of wash system you’re working with. There are two primary types: the roller system, and the drive-through system. Both clean the wheels and undersides of the vehicles, but they operate in different ways.

Let’s begin by discussing the roller system, the simpler of the two. For this system, a set of wide rollers is built into the road in strategic locations. As the vehicle exits the premises, it stops so that its wheels are on the rollers. The rollers automatically rotate the wheels and high-pressured water jets are activated to remove dirt and mud. After the cleaning is complete, the rollers lock and the vehicle is free to continue down the road.

The primary difference between the roller system and the drive-through system is the mobility of the vehicle. Roller systems require that the vehicle stand still to receive a thorough cleaning, and the rollers do all the work of rotating the wheels. Drive-through systems, on the other hand, move the vehicle across a wash platform, kind of like modern automated car washes. This has the added benefit of keeping traffic flowing forward, especially important if your site has numerous vehicles coming and going. Not only that, but they typically have more moving parts and more advanced cleaning technology.

Drive-through wash systems are typically triggered with magnetic or motion sensors. A set of conveyors typically pulls the vehicle forward through a grid of jets, which spray water and sanitizing solution. The dirty water is quickly dispersed from the platform and then recycled back into the system, often boasting “optically clear” sediment removal techniques between cycles. As the vehicle leaves the platform, they won’t carry the dust, dirt, and mud with them and spread it onto the roads. Wheel wash systems are an essential, especially if you or your coworkers find yourselves struggling to keep the tires clean and sanitary. Why spend all that time when you could have a machine do it quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly? Neptune Wash Solutions might have just what you need. Contact us today to find out more about our products and get a quote on your ideal wash system!