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October 8, 2021
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How Our Trash Vacuum Works

Trash trucks save time and energy every single day. With a single machine, the operator can lift the cans, empty the cans into the truck, and compact the trash to maximize space. Not only do we benefit by saving ourselves dozens of trips to the dump, but this reduces the need for time-consuming manual labor as well.

Of course, this system relies on the fact that people will put their garbage in cans and then bring them to the curb for pickup. What about all the areas that don’t have such a system in place? What about overflowing dumpsters and litter on the side of the highway? What about the garbage that blows onto parks, constructions sites, and other public spaces? Like the systematic waste management system of the suburbs, this too can be done manually. But surely there must be a better, easier, more efficient way of maintaining cleanliness.

We believe we have the perfect solution.

The Neptune Trash Vacuum is here to help with those tricky pick-ups and hard-to-reach places. The vehicle is smaller and more mobile than traditional garbage trucks, and it features an extended nozzle on the front for collecting litter and other waste materials. As the name implies, the nozzle’s primary function is to vacuum the trash and store it in the onboard collection box. The collection box can store up to 4 cubic yards of garbage, shredded and compacted on intake. When you’ve reached capacity, a hydraulic lift system allows you to raise the bed and dump its contents.

The suction (and the vehicle as a whole) is powered by a highly capable 64 horsepower motor. This, combined with the four-wheel drive and sturdy chassis, makes for an exceptionally mighty machine. Rough or uneven terrain are no problem for this workhorse. And it couldn’t be more simple to control! A single person can operate the vehicle without any outside assistance. The nozzle is operated by a joystick, controlling its direction and angle of intake. This makes trash collection much easier and more flexible, especially when it comes to tight spaces or across wide open areas. The cab itself may be equipped with additional features, such as a heater and radio. With all this machine assistance and the added benefit of modern amenities, who wants to pick up trash by hand, chasing it across streets and fields? This can be a waste of time and energy. Leave it to the Neptune Trash Vacuum!