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April 12, 2017
April 26, 2017
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How to Stop Corrosion

Corrosion, as mentioned previously, is one of the worst things to befall a vehicle. This is especially true if it is something that you use for business. Having rust on any of your trucks is almost impossible to avoid, however there are things that you can do to help prolong the life of your vehicle before the rust rears its ugly head. Some of these are simple, but some can cost you more than you may normally spend. When the price of prevention is placed against the price of repairs, however, it is clear that stopping the rust before it starts is much more affordable than trying to fix something once is has been eaten away by corrosion.

If you want to feel pretty metal (see what I did there?), then you can always place a sacrificial anode on your vehicle. Much like any other form of sacrifice, you are giving something up so another thing can survive longer. In this case, you would place another metal layer on top of your original one so that the oxidation will occur on your sacrificial layer instead of the actual surface of your vehicle. Generally, the sacrificial layer will be something like zinc which is also called galvanizing. If you have a metal trash can, chances are that your can is galvanized. This is because the likelihood of exposure is high and rust will naturally occur rather quickly with something like a garbage can. Why don’t they automatically galvanize vehicles you ask? Naturally, it boils down to money. If, however, you are able to find a way to place a sacrificial layer of metal upon your vehicles, you are guaranteed to extend the life of it before rust comes into play.

Corrosion is something that you certainly need to keep on top of if you own a company that has a lot of vehicles. Rust can sneak up on you, as odd as that sounds. A spot that seems small can quickly turn into a hole that your hand can fit through. Once corrosion begins, it can spread at a much faster speed than many people think. While rust may not be a problem if it is on certain pieces of the vehicle, once rust begins to eat at the frame you are certainly in trouble. You might want to go double check all those trucks of yours.