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January 12, 2018
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January 19, 2018
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Mucking Out Wash Racks

I don’t know about you, but having to muck out the horse stalls on my family’s farm was one of my least favorite chores as a kid. As an adult, I still don’t really like to do it that much. Even if you grew up without horses you probably had to clean out some pretty nasty things when you were younger. Sometimes it was just your room, but other times it was something truly rancid. Unfortunately as an adult it doesn’t get much better, especially if you are in the business of large fleets of vehicles.

If you are anything like those of us here at Neptune, you aren’t a particular fan of having to clean up after you clean up. What we mean by this is after you wash your fleet, you often have to clean up the wash rack as well. This can get quite exhausting very quickly. You start to feel like there is never time to do anything but clean and some days that is literally all you can do in a work day. Luckily for you, however, we had gotten tired of this fact and thought that it just wouldn’t do.

We were never fans of having to clean up after your fleet and then having to clean up after the thing that cleaned up your fleet. That’s why we developed a wash rack system that doesn’t require the scrubbing and scraping that so many other companies seem to think that you enjoy. We know that your time is something that is precious to not only you, but to those who love you as well. Especially at this time of the year, we want you to spend as much time with your friends and family as possible. Any way that we can accomplish this is a win in our book.

Our automated wash systems are specifically designed with you in mind. We know what it is like to be an end user and so we know what you want out of your wash system, right down to the rack. If we can save you even just a few minutes at the end of every day, we believe that all of our work has been worth it. So go home a little early to spend time with those you love and don’t worry about having to do that extra bit of cleaning.