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August 14, 2017
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August 23, 2017
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Mucking Out Your Wash Rack

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I do more than enough cleaning around my business and my home without having to add another item onto that dreaded list. While I like having my surroundings clean, sometimes it can seem overwhelming to have to clean everything by yourself. This becomes even more true the dirtier an area is. This means that something as filthy as a wash rack is always at the bottom of my “want to do” list. Thankfully, Neptune understands this reluctance and has figured out a way to make this task just a little better.

Neptune’s automated wash systems are specially designed to mean as little work on you as possible. Due to the fact that they were originally end users like you, they have a unique perspective on what most companies think you need or want versus what the truth is. One of the main things that was mentioned was having to clean up the area after you spend so much time cleaning your vehicles. This was decided on as a no go for Neptune and so they figured out what they could do to make it easier. The result is a wash rack that is almost completely self-cleaning. Due to an angled base and a few other design details, the dirt and water will settle in one spot which makes for easy maintenance and also means that you have to spend much less time doing the end of the day cleanup that you are probably used to.

Not only does this mean that you will not have to get even more filthy than you may have already been by mucking out the rack, you also have more time for other things that matter to you. Perhaps it means that you can get home to your family sooner. Maybe with the extra time you can start participating in a local sports team that you had been hoping to jump in on before. The possibilities are endless with the wonderful improvements that Neptune has made to the general design of a basic wash rack. Know that this is something that each of our systems have and therefore you will never have to give something your company needs up for convenience. Contact us and see which system will be best for you so that you can see the difference for your own eyes!