Sanitizing Your Trucks
May 31, 2018
June 22, 2018
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Preventing The Spread of Toxins

Wheel Wash

Neptune Wheel Wash

One of the worst things about a dirty car is knowing just how many germs must be on that surface. If you’ve ever seen a truly filthy vehicle, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. One that’s covered in mud is one thing, but when a car looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in about two years it can really make you wrinkle your nose up. Having dirt and mud on your car is bad enough, but when there are other colors that can only exist from having a filthy surface for a really long time, you know that car is probably toxic.

Thankfully I don’t see many of them where I live due to a fair amount of rain, but I do know people who refuse to take their car to be washed no matter what it looks like. “Oh, the rain will take care of it” they often say. The truth is, however, that the rain won’t take care of everything. While it may make the top of the car look clean, just some water isn’t enough to really get all of that gunk off. It certainly won’t help the undercarriage of the car either. Sometimes it is worth it to just get that all-inclusive car wash.

The same is true for your company vehicles. While they likely aren’t to the point of looking like something could grow on the side, you have a lot that you rely on your trucks for. This means that you need to make sure that you aren’t transporting anything you shouldn’t be, such as germs or something toxic such as certain plant matter. Even some bugs may find their way into your vehicles and if you end up traveling to an area where they are not native, it can spell disaster for the ecosystems that they are introduced to. Making sure that every inch of your vehicle has been washed and disinfected is extremely important, especially when you travel long distances.

One of the main goals of Neptune is to make sure that your vehicles are as clean and sparkling each time they go out as the day that they were made. You can be sure that getting a Neptune automated wash system will help to prevent the spread of any toxins you may think of, and even a few that you don’t even know about.