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September 13, 2017
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October 23, 2017
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Rain Water and Clean Trucks

I don’t know about you, but we have been getting some pretty heavy rains where I am and it is not expected to stop any time soon. With the hurricanes coming in, it really isn’t any surprise that we have had some storms lately. I know that it has been nice not having to pay for a carwash the past couple of weeks, but I also know that it isn’t an option for everyone. While it may be tempting to just let the rain water take care of the mess you have on your company vehicles, it may be actually illegal for you to do so.

Rain water is great for a bunch of things. As long as the rain isn’t too heavy or there isn’t too much, it is perfect for watering the plants. It is also great for getting the bug guts off of your windshield when you hit too many mosquitoes that are hopefully going to disappear soon. It’s even good for washing the mud off of the bottom of your car if you carefully go through a puddle. What it isn’t good for is actually sanitizing your vehicle.

Rain has some bad bacteria and particles in it to begin with. Remember, rain comes from water that is on land or in our lakes and ponds where germs grow at exponential rates. While it may seem to the naked eye that water is water, nothing could be further from the truth. I would say take a small taste to see the difference, but you’re just going to have to take my word on this one. The water that you clean off your vehicles with, even if it is just from the hose in your garden, has to go through some kind of filter to make sure that it is safe. There is no filter between us and rain.

It is always a good idea to clean off your trucks after a rainfall, especially if you are transporting food. Those bacteria from the rain can grow anywhere and you certainly don’t want it getting on something you may consume. Also, be sure to dry it to prevent any form of mold or the like. Unfortunately, getting a bit of rain won’t make your job any easier.