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May 18, 2018
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There are few things that can occur to a vehicle that are more destructive than rust. Once metal has begun to oxidize and corrode, there is little to nothing that can be done to reverse the process. Many of us have seen cars either on the road or in someone’s yard that looks almost like it would fall apart if you were to touch it due to how much rust there is on the body and the frame of the vehicle. Some of us have been owners of cars that are so rusty they have finally been traded in because they couldn’t pass state inspection. I remember a car that my mother had which had become so rusty that one day when she was driving she put her foot down on the floorboards and suddenly the floor wasn’t there. I even had a car that started to rust due to the design and would have cost almost $4,000 to repair a small hole simply because the entire panel needed to be replaced since it was curved.

Obviously, these are not experiences any of us particularly want. They do, unfortunately, happen sometimes. Perhaps your financial situation doesn’t allow you to get a new car, or perhaps you cannot bear to part with it for sentimental reasons. Whatever the cause of you holding onto this vehicle may be, it is not safe. It may not seem like much if the rust is in certain areas, but the problem is rust spreads. Rust can spread across the entire body of a truck rather quickly if it is left unchecked. Obviously the more exposure a vehicle has to water or mud, the bigger a problem this can be. This means things like construction vehicles are at particular risk of corrosion and need to be given extra care to help prevent the oxidation which plagues so many businesses.

Always keep a close eye on any vehicles in your fleet. If any of them begin to show signs of rust, do your best to isolate the issue and if possible patch the area. You can do this by grinding down the area and having the spot replaced. Always be sure to take preventative measures for the trucks and vehicles in your fleet and check out Neptune’s products to see what will work best to keep your trucks in perfect operating order.