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January 24, 2018
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Salt and Treated Roads

In most parts of the country right now, all you need to do is open the door to know that it feels like snow. For many kids, snow is a magical substance that keeps them out of school and means snowmen and hot cocoa will almost certainly be the orders of the day. For many adults, however, snow means shoveling, dangerous road conditions, and a bunch of blankets. While it may be pretty, it rarely lasts long. It quickly turns to slush and becomes dirty when vehicles drive through it in an attempt to clean some of it off the roads. These chemicals that are used, while useful to get rid of the snow, can wreak havoc on your vehicles.

When snow is expected, many states will pretreat the roads with chemicals that help to prevent snow from sticking to the ground. This often includes a form of rock salt that leaves behind a residue on your car that makes it rather dirty looking each time there is a storm. While many people prefer to just wait for more snow or perhaps some rain to wash the dirt away, it really is more than worth it to bite the bullet and get your car washed. This is also true of any vehicles you may use for your business.

Not only does salt and those other chemicals make your vehicles look dirty when you are ferrying things from one location to another, it is actually doing damage along the way. These substances can cause an abrasive form of corrosion that not only can damage the paint on your cars and trucks, but it actually damages the metal as well. It is always a good idea to wash your vehicles as often as you can during the winter but you should also take preventative measures as well, such as making sure there is a wax coating before the first storm of winter sets in.

Having an automated wash system like Neptune’s can really help you prevent extra damage to the structure of your vehicles. Making sure that you get rid of those salt chemicals as quickly as possible can help you prolong the life of your vehicle, and it’s even better if you take some preventative measures. After all, you make sure that you prepare your body for the season, why wouldn’t you do the same for your vehicles?