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July 2, 2018
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July 23, 2018
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The War on Corrosion


One of the worst yet most inevitable things to happen to a vehicle is rust. No matter how well you take care of your car, it seems like it always somehow manages to get a small spot of rust somewhere and that’s all it really needs. You see, once rust begins to form there is no stopping it from spreading. While you can replace the spot that has rusted, this can be costly and extremely time consuming depending on the piece that needs replacing. This is why it is important to do all you can to stop rust before it actually starts.

The winter is a really bad time for rust. Arguably, it’s the worst season of them all. Many people think that April or May would be the most detrimental due to all of the rain that we normally see in those months, but they have nothing on November through March. This is because of the chemicals and salt that is put down on the roads to help prevent snow and ice from sticking. These nasty little bits get all over your car and it is rare that people wash their cars in the winter due to the freezing temperatures. This creates a perfect storm situation which allows rust to develop and spread. With this repeated year after year, it is no surprise that most cars rust before anything else really detrimental fails and necessitates a new vehicle.

Thankfully, here at Neptune we know how much of a problem this is. That’s why we have created an automated wash system that not only gets rid of those chemicals that can speed up rust, but ways to dry those hard to reach spots on your vehicles so that it can’t settle and start to eat away at your metal. Nothing is more expensive than having to replace a vehicle before its shelf life is over due to something that could have been delayed like rust. This is why we will always do everything we can to help you hold off that decay.

Corrosion is something that all of us will have to face with our vehicles, but that doesn’t mean you should take steps to prevent it. Check into a Neptune automated wash system today and you will be amazed at the difference it can make in the life of your vehicles.