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October 31, 2017
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November 8, 2017
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Touch less Vehicle Washing

IES NeptuneThere are few things as important as making sure that your vehicles are nice and squeaky clean between each and every trip. A clean vehicle is something that not only shows that you are a company that is on top of things, but also it is a health concern. This is especially true depending on what you transport. If your company moves anything like food, animals, or even home supplies you need to be sure that everything is sanitized and ready for whatever else life may throw your way. This can only truly be accomplished through a touchless wash.

                  Although many of us like the feel of doing work like this ourselves, there are a couple of problems with doing a washout or other cleaning by hand. The first issue is that we are human and mistakes can happen. Spots can be missed, miscommunications can happen, and it takes time to do a job correctly. By using a machine to do the washes for us, we can save time, money, water, and it is always ensured that each job is done the same way. Machines don’t cut corners and you can be certain that any setup that you get from Neptune will never try and jip you or your company out of a perfect clean. Machines don’t have emotions (at least not ours) or distractions. This means that they can’t have what happened at home on their minds and they won’t be thinking about that great piece of carrot cake they can eat in their lunch box once they are done with this truck. I’ll admit, even I’ve hurried a job to be able to eat a piece of cake sooner than I would have otherwise.

The other great thing about touch less vehicle washing is that any residue that may be left behind by a human will not be a concern. Machines don’t need to climb inside the trailer of a truck with their dirty boots to see that everything is clean now. They won’t leave skin oils on a vehicle when they lean against it to see that everything is sparkling. It doesn’t matter how clean you are, you will leave residue behind. Machines won’t.

Check out what automated wash systems we can offer you and call us today. We assure you that you will not be disappointed when you see the awesome work that our machines can do.