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June 15, 2017
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June 23, 2017
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Touchless Vehicle Washing

Washing your car by hand can be relaxing. It can give you some time to do something by yourself and allow you a few hours of time to think about everything and nothing. While thinking about what you want to accomplish at your job over the next few years or even what you want to have for dinner later is a great thing, it can get distracting. Your mind may begin to work harder and so your body naturally goes into autopilot. Sometimes this means you snap out of your trance-like state and feel the need to wash your car all over again, other times it means you simply shrug and decide it looks like you did a good job and finish rinsing it off before going back inside. You always run the risk of missing some critical areas, though. Now if this is so easily possible on a regular sized car, imagine how much you may miss on a piece of construction equipment or a tractor trailer.

At Neptune, we understand how easy it can be to get distracted from a job such as this. We also understand how time consuming it can be and how much water may end up wasted if everything is washed by hand. This is why we have created a line of automated wash systems which do not require you to go out with a bucket and a sponge and hope for the best. We even have a heavy duty wash system for those really difficult messes like when dealing with asphalt and other dirty or sticky substances. We have all been in that situation where our minds simply wander and sometimes our attention to detail suffers because of it. Thankfully, we have created a wash rack which takes the guess work out of washing down your equipment.

   Neptune’s systems are fully automated which means that no matter how many times you use our wash rack, the clean you get will be the same every time. Our goal is full coverage and consistency and there will be no spots left unclean. There is no room for human error in our machinery and you will not find a better system, especially one that is made in the USA. We pride ourselves on our work as much as we know that you do. Give Neptune’s systems a look and see which one will best fit your company.