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Touchless Vehicle Washing

Neptune Wash

Clean trucks…Inside and Out

Who here has ever been washing their dishes by hand and put them in the drying rack only to realize that there was still a spot of food on it or some soap that slipped past you while you were rinsing them off? I know that I have, that’s for sure. This isn’t something uncommon, as human error is natural and I’m not sure of anyone who really enjoys washing dishes enough to ensure a perfect clean each and every time.

The same thing can be said about cleaning or washing your company vehicles. If you have ever had to wash your car by hand, you know how tedious a task it can be. If you have ever had to wash a tractor trailer or piece of construction equipment, you know it can actually be downright miserable. It takes an incredible amount of time to wash each of these things individually and there is never a full certainty that you haven’t missed a spot. Even if you did scrub every inch, you may have accidently put your hand down on a spot that you had already cleaned. This can mean that whatever was on your hand was transferred back to the vehicle and may be damaging depending on the level of sanitation you need for that specific item.

Touchless vehicle washing is so incredibly important for these reasons and more. When you use something like a Neptune automated wash system, you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality clean without any risk of missed spots or cross contamination. We have created wash systems that can handle any size or sanitation requirements that you may have. As previous end users, we know what you are really looking for and have cut out all of those excessive extras that you have but never use. This means that we have more room for things that you will actually use and that can optimize your wash system use.

If you are unsure about getting a Neptune system, check out the products on our webpage. We can promise you that there is something for everyone and this definitely includes you. Get in contact with us and we can help you decide what is best for your business. We remember what it was like trying to find what we needed and will do all we can to make sure that you don’t have to feel that alone when it comes to your company. Give us a call today!