Washing in Cold Weather
November 27, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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Touchless Washing in Cold Weather

IES NeptuneOne of the worst things about the winter is when you have to deal with water. Not only is it already extremely cold, but the water tends to make it even more miserable. When you’re wet and outside in the winter, it can cause medical issues as well depending on how long you are exposed to those elements. When you have to do things like washing entire vehicles and it is below freezing, it not only becomes unpleasant, but physically dangerous. Water can pool in certain areas and depending upon the temperature, may end up freezing into something that can easily cause a slip or fall. While these often aren’t too bad, a fall from ice or even just a wet surface can seriously damage your body. Broken bones or torn muscles are not uncommon in this time of the year for these exact reasons.

When you’re washing a vehicle, you often have to deal with splashes or touching up spots that may have been missed. In most months, this is not really a problem. In the winter, however, it can become extremely problematic in a very short amount of time. Here at Neptune, we know this all too well. After all, we used to be in the same position that you are now. We remember what it was like when we were using these products and how much we wanted more. When we were end users like you, we went on a search for better machines and products and found our search wanting. It was then that we decided to switch gears and make products that we knew others had been looking for.

One of the things that we really wanted to focus on with our automated wash systems was touchless vehicle washing. Making sure that no one would have to be near the water in case of extreme temperatures was something that was extremely important to us. We also wanted to make sure that there wouldn’t be any human contamination depending on the level of sterilization that was needed for a certain project. Things like trailer washouts for medical equipment need to be completely sterile and we understood that. The benefits to touchless vehicle washing far outweigh any reason to not include it and so if this is something that you can use, you know that Neptune is the company for you. Check out our products and see what will best serve your business!