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May 16, 2018
May 22, 2018
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Touchless Washing

IES NeptuneHave you ever spent a long time cleaning all of the windows and mirrors in your home only to come back a couple of minutes later and see your kid has put handprints all over your nice, shiny work? Or maybe your dog put their nose on the glass and now there are smudged prints that make you wonder why you tried to clean in the first place. I know that this happens to me a lot and there are few things that annoy me more when I’m in my home than handprints all over something I just spend hours working on. This is one of the reasons I had a Neptune wash rack for everything in my house.

Neptune automated wash systems use a wonderful technology to clean your trucks and other equipment which doesn’t require anything to touch it. This means that there is no reason for those greasy fingerprints or dog nose smudges to show up on your trucks, and not just because it’s dangerous for kids and animals to be around all of that machinery. Without having to touch a single spot of your truck, Neptune can make sure that everything is clean enough for you to see your reflection in, whether you want to or not.

Another great thing about touchless washing is that there are no streaks. You know how if you wash a mirror you generally have to wipe it down a few times because the paper towels will leave streaks behind where you have cleaned the chemicals off? You won’t see that with Neptune’s equipment because you don’t have to wipe anything off. There will be no marks left by paper towels on your trucks. Granted, if you tried to dry off a full tractor trailer with paper towels you probably have a couple of other things you need to address first.

Here at Neptune, we are dedicated to giving you the best clean that you have ever seen for your trucks and other equipment. We used to be in your position, so we know exactly what you are looking for in a wash system. You can believe us when we tell you that we won’t send you anything we wouldn’t have wanted to use ourselves, so rest assured that you are getting the best product you will ever be able to find.