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October 5, 2016
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Toxins and Cross Contamination

disinfecting_poultry_trucks     In this line of work, we run into a lot of things. Not all of them are things we necessarily want to deal with or touch, but someone certainly has to. Unfortunately, some of the things we may be in control of can be unhealthy. This is especially true if we transport livestock or meats. While toxic substances can find their way just about anywhere, certain lines of work do lend themselves to the higher possibility. Certain times, such as when there is food involved, we want to be able to be sure that everything is as clean as possible.

Cross-contamination is a real and valid concern of many people and the companies that supply them with what they require. Although many regulations are in place regarding the safe transfer of ingestible items, a quick online search shows that although these have reduced the amount of food-borne sickness, there are periodically still problems that manage to slip through the cracks. Most of the time, these problems occur because someone accidentally did not thoroughly clean either the food itself or did not clean the containers in which the food was transported.

Toxins are not only present where there is food, but they can also be found in other fields, in construction sites, or mines and other similar locations. Due to the vast differences between geographic locations, each area can contain a different type of soil or different types of plants. While this normally is not a problem, sometimes there can be invasive species of plants or bugs that reside in the soil which can contaminate the next location you stop. This possibility has the potential to bring severe damage to an ecosystem and may take a very long time to correct. Sometimes the system doesn’t recover, and that is always a horrible event.

Here at Neptune, we understand how important the cleansing of toxins is. We are conscious of the delicate nature of not only the human body but other ecosystems as well. Our automated truck wash systems are created with you in mind, but we also want to make sure our job doesn’t end at your work. Using our services ensures that your fleet will get the best clean, both inside your trucks and out. Make sure your company helps to stop the spread of toxins today! Contact us today with any questions.