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June 19, 2017
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June 27, 2017
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Trailer Washout

Who here actually likes having to take the time to wash out your tractor trailer? It’s a tedious, time consuming task and takes just about forever to get one done, let alone an entire fleet worth. You need to sweep out the trailer, make sure that everything looks clean, then wash it down from the inside and hope that it dries in time for your next run. If you have a large shipment going out and need multiple trucks, there’s almost no way for you to do all the needed washouts by yourself.

Some truck drivers or companies run under the assumption that if it looks clean it is, but most of us know the truth. Small pieces of dirt or other contaminants can be left behind and could pose a big problem depending on what it is that you are shipping. This means that trailer washouts are incredibly necessary for every driver and company to complete each time between the truck’s uses. So what are you to do when you need to wash the entire fleet and only have one or two people on hand to help?

Neptune is here to help. We know what it’s like to be in that position because we were end users before we turned to creating automated truck washing systems like the ones we offer you now. We remember how many people hated having to do washouts and how difficult it could be to make sure that they dried correctly so as not to breed bacteria of its own in the dark, damp corners. Anywhere there is water and darkness, there is a chance for mold and depending on the time of year and your location, bugs are also a large concern. This is especially true of still, stagnant water such as the kind that would be found in the back corner of a trailer.

Our wash racks can not only speed up your process of a washout, but can also be used to dry the inside so you have no concerns in regards to how clean and sanitary your truck fleet will be when you load it back up to take another run. The safety of everyone that comes into contact with your trucks and whatever you haul is one of our number one concerns. Contact us today and find out just how much easier it will be using a Neptune automated wash system.