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March 11, 2020
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April 23, 2020
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Warm Weather Washing

Although much of the country is still in the temperature range of winter, there is hopefully some light at the end of the tunnel. Looking at my local forecast gives some good news in regards to increasing temperatures over the next two weeks. Now we just need to hope that they don’t change and go back to the low numbers that we have right now. Warm weather means that you can do more outside without having a horrible time. Going for a walk doesn’t require seven layers when you have temperatures over 50°. I don’t know about you, but when it’s that cold I never want to leave my house.

                  You always find that when you have a warm day after a cold spell that the car washes are slammed. They always get super busy and can even become dangerous if the line is out to a busy road. There’s a reason that no one wants to get their car washed in the middle of winter and that generally has to do with ice. I can remember when I was a kid and we had to get the car washed when it was about 15° outside. We pulled out of the tunnel and almost instantly all of the water droplets that had been left over turned to ice. I thought it looked cool as a child, but now that I’m older I definitely understand how much more difficult it would be to drive with ice drops on the windshield.

                  Washing in warmer weather and therefore warmer water can definitely help when it comes to things like ice. It also means that you don’t necessarily need to use extra electricity or power to dry off a vehicle after it is washed. If you can leave something outside to dry off at its own pace, it not only conserves electricity but also does help that water to be released back into the atmosphere. This means that the water cycle can continue with just a little bit more help. It might not seem like it does much, but all of those tiny amounts definitely add up after a while. Here at Neptune, we have automated wash systems that will give you a clean that you won’t believe while helping you keep the environment nice and neat. We believe that the Earth needs some love, so help us show it that we care!