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November 2, 2017
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November 16, 2017
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Wash Bay Size

One of the best feelings in the world is when you know that you own your own business. This is especially true if you own a construction company or a fleet of trucks that are used for something. We started out in the exact same place as you. There is so much that needs to be done for your work now, however, it can seem overwhelming. One of these things is making sure that all of the vehicles you are in charge of are nice and clean. This may be for any number of reasons, be it your company policy, laws, or just the fact that you want to make sure that your company is seen as clean and prepared. To accomplish this, you realize that you need to get an automated wash system. That’s a good step in the right direction, even though we may be a little bias on the matter. This does, however, bring a slew of other problems and questions. Among these is which one to purchase.

Naturally we say that you need to choose one of Neptune’s extremely capable and durable automated wash systems. Our machines can handle trucks, construction equipment, busses, mining equipment, and even items and vehicles used in fracking. We have a wide range of systems that can be used for normal levels of dirt to extra strength depending on what your company needs. Once you decide which strength you need in regards to the level of dirt you deal with on your vehicles, you are now faced with another challenge. You need to figure out what size wash bay will best fit your company’s needs. If your bay is too small, of course your vehicles can’t fit and get properly cleaned. However, bigger isn’t always better as a wash bay that is too large may not clean your vehicles correctly and will likely waste more water which you will have to pay for and this means lost profits.

Measuring your largest vehicles and matching them to the sizes of wash bays provided by a company is your best bet for figuring out which one to rent or purchase. We have a wide range of sizes to fit your needs. Head over to our products tab to see which device would be best for you to use and get in contact with us today.