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July 28, 2017
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August 2, 2017
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Wash Bay Size

  Finding the right size for anything is an extremely difficult task now. Even going from one store to another will find different sizes under the same label. For example, have you ever looked at the difference between a small at Dunkin Donuts and a small at Starbucks? There is no universal sizing. This is true of almost anything. Food portions, clothing, animals, really nothing has the same size. Even clothing sizes from year to year change! If you are female and have a size six dress from a few years ago and try to fit into a size six now without changing your body’s size, it likely will not work. With sizes constantly changing, how do you know what to get?

Unfortunately, wash bay sizes are not all that different. While some companies may not have changed their “large” size over the past decade, many of us have added more sizes to keep up with the demands of a changing industry. Some trucks have gotten larger, sometimes equipment gets smaller, but the one thing that we can all agree on is that technology changes things. This means that companies like Neptune need to adapt as well so we can better serve the industry that we work for.

  We often get the question, “What wash bay size do I need?” and unfortunately there is no easy answer for this question. This depends on many different factors. For example, are you a company that has a fleet of trucks or construction equipment? Do you have to go through a sterilization cycle or is a simple rinse off enough for your company? Each of these things will change the answer that we could give you. It also greatly depends on if you have a wide range of sizes for the vehicles that need to be cleaned. If you go between smaller vans and full size tractor trailers, then we may need to figure out something different for your washing needs.

At the end of the day, the decision is normally left up to accommodating your largest vehicle, but this also has problems. For example, our systems are optimized for vehicles around the size of the wash bay. Using a different size may not ensure the correct clean. It may also be a waste of water depending on the size difference. Contact us and let us know what you need and we can help you figure it out from there.