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October 8, 2019
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Washing in Warm Weather

Neptune Wash

Although for many of us warm weather is but a distant dream, if you have the chance to wash your vehicles while it is warm out you certainly want to take advantage of that. There are so many things that warm weather can help you with and this is not any different when it comes to washing your truck fleet. In fact, if you have the opportunity to make sure that everything is done while the weather is warmer you should take advantage of that for all of us who are stuck in the cold and the ice.

                  Warmer weather gives you a bit more freedom for your work. When the temperature outside is above freezing, you can have a few minutes in the fresh air without feeling like your limbs are all numb. Although your vehicles don’t feel things like this, there can be some dangers to washing them out in the cold. Ice is just as destructive on your trucks as it can be on the road. Not only does the repeated freezing and thawing of ice in cracks damage the integrity of your trailers, but this process can also damage lines and possibly whatever it is that you are carrying.

                  If you have done a trailer washout and didn’t properly dry the inside while it is cold out, it is very possible for ice to form inside your trailer. If this occurs, it can be dangerous for both whatever you may be hauling and for yourself when you open the trailer doors. Although things normally are anchored in, this can sometimes fail and if ice has allowed things to easily shift it can become deadly when the doors are opened. Accidents will always happen, but if the accident was caused by something preventable we always want to give you a gentle reminder to check these things before you leave.

                  Although not all of us have warm weather right now, we can still begin to prepare for when the temperature starts to climb again. Until then we hope that you are thinking of warm places and that you are comfortable wherever you are. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a warm front through your area that you can enjoy by saving some money by drying your truck outside without concerns of ice.