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June 16, 2020
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Waste Water Reclaim

We often hear about how important the process of recycling is to the environment. More and more places are getting recycling bins for those who live or work in the area. This generally means that anything from paper and cardboard to glass bottles that you have can be placed in the proper container and you can help make the planet a better and cleaner place. One thing that we don’t get to do often, however, is recycle one of the most important resources we have here on Earth: water. While recycling water isn’t as readily available as recycling paper, our company is one of the few that goes the extra mile to make sure that our products help to preserve as much water as possible.
Many people aren’t aware that water is a substance that can be recycled. In the traditional sense of the word, it doesn’t make sense that it could be. However, there are ways to separate out the contaminants in used water so that it can be reused for certain things. While most reclaimed wastewater cannot be used to drink, at least not without extreme filtration, there are other situations in which it can be extremely useful. Agriculture, for example, can greatly benefit from reclaimed wastewater. If they can use things like collected rain water and other irrigation systems, why not people who have a fleet of vehicles to wash?
Having a fleet of trucks or construction vehicles that need to be cleaned can take a lot of water and time, which generally means a large water bill. The cost of that alone can run you a small fortune if you aren’t careful, so it is certainly a good idea for you to look into how to get a great clean without cleaning out your company’s bank account. Using reclaimed wastewater may be just the answer you’ve been looking for to your financial questions while also helping the environment!
Even if you aren’t sure about washing your trucks with reclaimed wastewater, you can still use the water recycle system we have. All you have to do is get a Neptune automated wash system! Our machines are designed to help the environment in multiple ways and we are dedicated to leaving this planet better off than we found it. We will work with you every step of the way to figure out which machine best fits your company’s needs and desires in regards to cutting back on water usage. Give us a call today!