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November 8, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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Waste Water Reclaim

Wastewater Reclaim, or Wastewater Reuse, is something that those of us here at Neptune are just so incredibly excited about. If you couldn’t tell by our name, water is something that is extremely important to us. After all, we began our journey where you are right now. We were originally end users and so we know just how important water is to everything you need to do. We also know how important water is to the environment and have spent much of our time trying to find a happy medium between using enough water to ensure a total clean and not sucking water sources dry. Wastewater reclaim is one of those ways that we have found to do just that.

Wastewater reclaim is a process by which you can take any type of liquid and, through enough treatment, turn it into drinking water. Although the idea of something that was once raw sewage being transformed into something you drink may not be appetizing, it is something that has been happening for years and is extremely important. Also, most sewage gets turned into water that we can use for things like watering plants anyway, and as I’m sure you know, plants love that kind of stuff.

Other countries have been practicing wastewater reclaim for ages. Places that are particularly arid are perfect examples of why reclaiming wastewater needed to exist. You won’t find much water in certain areas, and so you can’t expect those places to use water in the way that most of us here in the United States do. It need to be reused and filtered until it is possible to have it used again. This helps to cut down on the pressure ecosystems face when the water happens to dry up, as we hear happening often in areas where too many animals are using the same watering hole.

In the next article, I will explain to you some of the incredible uses that reclaimed wastewater has. I don’t know about you, but this is something that is really exciting to me because it helps to cut down on the source of stress that so many of us face. Water is something that we do not have an infinite amount of, especially water that is clean enough to drink. Stick around and see what else wastewater can be used for once it is reclaimed.