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November 7, 2019
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November 26, 2019
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Wastewater management

For people in different parts of the country, dealing with things like rainwater can be a source of stress. Many places now have legislation against collecting rainwater and others are considering taxes to help deal with the polluted runoff. Regardless of how your area deals with things like rain, we all understand that it is important to the Earth that rain and other forms of precipitation continue to fall. After all, the water cycle is something that most of us learn in our early school years. Making sure that we remember that lesson is important when you work with anything that needs to be cleaned.

                  When it comes to water that is used in things like cleaning your trucks, there is often a good amount of questioning that happens there as well. For example, the runoff that occurs when you wash your vehicle cannot really be used for much but that doesn’t mean that it should just be left to fester. Wastewater, or the water that is left over and dirty, can be extremely useful for a bunch of different projects. This is why Neptune has systems that can not only recycle the wastewater you produce, but may also be used to help filter out some of the larger particles of dirt as well.

                  When it comes to water, there are different levels of cleanliness and what things are allowed to be used for. For example, agricultural watering can use a less filtered version of water than drinking fountains. You wouldn’t really want to drink out of a hose anymore, even though many of us did as children. The reason has to do with the type of filtration that is now used and the amount of pollution that our water has. It often seems that we hear a lot about how polluted our water is, but no way to help the problem. Neptune is dedicated to changing that.

                  Our automated wash systems come with services that can help to trap wastewater so that it is not released back into our streams, rivers, or other waterways. We also have machines that can help to filter water pollutants out so that you can reclaim and reuse the water that you have already washed with. We all want to do what we can to help the environment, and this is one of our ways of making sure that you can rely on Neptune for the future.