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August 23, 2017
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September 13, 2017
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Wastewater Reclaim

As you likely know, water is something that we must work together on to preserve. After all, no living thing can continue to live without water. This presents a specific concern for many, as there are places all around the world that clean drinking water is almost impossible to find. While so many of us in this country are lucky enough to have regular access to it, even some people in our own backyard have trouble getting the appropriate amount of water to ourselves and our families. This is why something like wastewater reclaim is so incredibly important despite the seemingly endless supply of water so many of us are lucky enough to have.

Many different companies around the world have begun to use reclaimed wastewater in an attempt to preserve what little water we have to drink. This may be used in toilets, sinks, showers, and other similar areas. If you travel at all, keep an eye out. Most of these companies have signs up which state that the tap water is not meant for drinking, as they are using water that has been reclaimed. Thankfully, a water cooler is rarely far away in these instances.

Reclaiming wastewater is much like recycling any other resource we have. We toss paper into a recycling bin and send it on its way. Water truly is not much different with the advances in technology that we have been able to make as a species. Through a series of filters and screens, we are able to remove all dirt particles and bacteria from almost any water until it is drinkable again. Unfortunately, this process is difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Due to this, many companies will not filter the water back to a drinking level. However, even if water is not clean enough to drink it is perfectly okay to clean with. This is something that Neptune has done.

Our automated wash systems are able to help you to reclaim your wastewater so that you can use it again. We understand how wasteful the process of washing each truck can be, and have done what we can to help cut down on the waste. We also will continue to improve our product once new technology presents itself. If you are interested on reading more about wastewater reclaim, check out our explanation under the product tag and see just how much of a difference it can make.