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May 9, 2018
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Wastewater Reclaim

One of the most precious substances on Earth isn’t gold or silver like many people believe. It is, in fact, something that most people seem to overlook due to their ease of access to it. The majority of people in this country are extremely lucky due to their steady access to clean water, but there are areas even here where the water that comes out of the tap is not safe to consume or even wash in. Whether you are lucky enough to have instant access to water or not, it is important to remember that water is a finite resource that we need to work together to protect.

Water is something that every living creature needs to survive. Humans can only last about three days without it and do not remain healthy for long even with limited amounts. This is why things like wastewater reclaim are so important to our society. Wastewater reclaim has been a process used for centuries as a way of essentially recycling water for later use. Even things like collecting rainwater can be defined as wastewater reclaim, since someone is using water that was meant for one thing in order to use it later. This may be for something like irrigation or it may have even been for bathing.

Wastewater reclaim now often utilizes a type of purification or filtration that allows water to be restored to a cleaner form. For example, water that has made its way through a sewage treatment plant may be filtrated until it is able to be safely used for watering plants or crops. Sometimes, water that had been used for irrigation may be filtered until it is able to be used for drinking purposes again. Even if it cannot be restored to be used for drinking, it can still be used for cleaning or any number of other purposes.

Here at Neptune, we really care about how important water is to everyone. This is why we created automated wash systems that use as little water as possible while still making sure that you get an impeccable clean each and every time. If water conservation is as important to you as it is to us, then our products are the only way to go. Check out what we can offer and we know you’ll fall in love with what you can get!