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November 22, 2017
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November 30, 2017
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Wastewater Reclaim Part 3

You may have heard the term wastewater reclaim, but for many people it doesn’t mean too much. The truth about wastewater isn’t one that most people like to hear. After all, it’s waste so it’s gross, right? Well, the truth is that even though it may be gross it’s still very important for us to know about and keep in mind. After all, wastewater doesn’t just appear naturally. It is called wastewater because humans like us have put things in the water to make it dirty or otherwise undrinkable. Sometimes this is unavoidable for sanitation reasons, like using a toilet. Other times, it is simply because we don’t do enough to help keep our environment clean.

Wastewater reclaim is a way to help preserve our water and environment instead of just using our limited natural resources until we have none left. Naturally we don’t want to run our water sources dry, and wastewater reclaim is one way to help prevent that from happening. The process takes used water and, through a series of filters and other purification methods, makes it usable again. There are different levels of reclaiming that can be done with water, and this is one of the things that makes the process so effective and efficient. For example, water that was sewage may be purified only a little and then used to water plants and other crops. This is a great way to reuse water because not only has it been cleaned out and will find its way back into the water cycle, but crops and other plants generally thrive with soil which has manure in it.

Other types of water may be recycled to the point that it can be used for drinking again. This is obviously the most intensive type of reclaiming and will take the longest to effectively achieve. However, it is also arguably the most important form of wastewater reclaim since we do certainly need water to survive. While it does take a bit more work than just boiling a pot or two worth of water as some places need to, it is a similar procedure when you think about it. It is a way of purifying the water until it is safe for human consumption. There are few things that are as important as water to us and we need to be sure to do whatever we can to preserve it.