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Water Efficiency and Cost-Cutting

Energy efficiency has taken center stage recently as a major focus. However, we need to be sure we are considering the importance of water efficiency as well. As the demand for fresh water supply continues to go up, it is crucial that businesses find ways to be most efficient and to keep their water costs down as prices rise. Whether your business utilizes water in its production process, or it simply factors into your retail or office setup, you can become more mindful of your usage and its cost. 

Water Efficiency In Equipment

The last few decades have seen the birth of various types of equipment to use less water. Is your building utilizing the latest in these types of equipment? When replacing any of your equipment, look for WaterSense and Energy Star labels.

  • Low flush toilets
  • Waterless urinals
  • Low flow showerheads
  • Sensor or infrared powered controls 
  • Rainwater collection barrels
  • Eco-labeled restaurant equipment

Prevent and Fix Leaks

The amount of water lost to leaking toilets and dripping faucets is surprising. For example, one faucet dripping every 10 seconds equals a half gallon of wasted water per day! Routinely check all plumbing fixtures for leakage. Replace toilet flappers every five years to prevent issues.

Evaluate Landscaping Practices

Landscaping can give a business great curb appeal, but is it a source of excessive water usage around your building? If you have automatic irrigation, check to ensure that all sprinklers are used most efficiently and aren’t pointed toward the parking lot. You can install moisture sensors that can prevent irrigation systems from turning on if there is already enough moisture in the ground. Choose plants and turf that have low water requirements. 

Water Reuse and Recycling

Gray water. Unused water. Rainwater. Can it be captured and utilized for your business? Gray water can be plentiful for reuse. There are companies that specialize in routing and cleaning both gray water and rainwater for all kinds of safe uses. Further research into this area may be valuable for your business. 

Educate your employees

As you become more aware of how to be more efficient with water and how to cut costs for water usage, it will help to have everyone on board to understand your goals. Review best practices with your staff for efficiency and set benchmarks that you can reach and re-evaluate along the way. 

Rest assured, Neptune Wash Solutions is dedicated to water recycling with all our washing processes, to help clean and reuse processed water. Join us in the advancements we’ve made in reaching water efficiency.