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April 3, 2017
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April 24, 2017
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Water is Precious

If you are anything like me, you probably go through a lot of water every week. This includes doing your dishes, showering, doing laundry, and simply drinking water. I couldn’t even begin to make a guess as to how many gallons of water just I go through in a week, and that’s with trying my best to conserve as much as I can. You see, water is something that is extremely precious to each and every living thing on this planet. We only have a certain amount of water that is drinkable before it is gone. While it may seem like an infinite amount, we need to remember that most of us in this country are lucky enough to have safe water easily accessible. Think about the last time you went to buy water from the store.

Since prices will vary from place to place, I went onto Amazon Grocery to see how much a case of water would be. Poland Spring is my preferred brand, and for a case of twelve half liter bottles, I would spend around fifteen dollars before shipping. This is more than a dollar per bottle despite the fact that I am buying in bulk. Now naturally, the larger the case is, the less per bottle I would spend, but the fact is that water can get expensive quickly. It would stand to reason that if there was actually an infinite amount of usable water, it would certainly be less expensive than this.

For those of us here at Neptune, water is something that is extremely important. As our name may suggest, we have a deep care for all aquatic things and this begins with our want to preserve as much water as possible. This is why we have created automatic wash systems that use a minimal amount of water while still delivering the clean you need for your trucks. We also have water recycling systems which help preserve any water used even further. We have created many different machines which will work to conserve the little bit of water we have on this planet. We hope that if you care about the Earth in the same way we do, you will purchase a Neptune wash system and help preserve the planet for our future generations.