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Why and How to Disinfect Your Equipment for Poultry

Regular cleaning and disinfection is recommended for all vehicles. It’s nice to keep your ride looking fresh, and it’s important to prevent the spread of toxins and pathogens that may latch onto the outside of your vehicle. Everyone from commuters to construction crew members should practice good cleaning habits and maintenance.

However, this is especially important for certain vehicles, such as those carrying live animals or birds. These creatures may carry diseases which are then transferred to the enclosure and then, in turn, to humans through physical contact. It’s extremely crucial that all poultry transportation vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to eliminate any possibility of an outbreak. So how does that happen? In fact, there are several things to consider.

  • Choose a disinfectant. Selecting the correct disinfecting agent is the first step. While this may seem simple in theory, you want to be careful when choosing your product. A general purpose solution may not be effective on all bacteria, and it may be unnecessarily abrasive on the vehicle’s materials. It’s essential that the disinfectant be of a neutral pH to avoid corrosion. It’s also important that it be versatile in its application, e.g., spray, fog, or foam.
  • Remove dirt and organic material first. Cleaning the vehicle before application allows the disinfecting agent to do its job better. Instead of having to penetrate a layer of dust and mud, the solution can settle directly on the surface and really sanitize the area.
  •  Create a regular cleaning schedule. While the disinfecting agent should stay active for a while, even on the surface of your vehicle, it’s necessary to re-clean and re-apply every day, at least. The potential for disease outbreak is not to be taken lightly. Consider creating a routine around your transportation schedule.
  • Don’t neglect areas. When applying the disinfectant, it’s very important to be thorough. You don’t want to miss a spot that may have been contaminated by the poultry. Manual cleaning can be difficult, and it’s tough to be consistently through, especially when time is of the essence. Invest in a machine to do the work of cleaning and sanitizing for you!

Speaking of machines doing the work for you, we believe we have the perfect solution! Our poultry disinfecting systems are created for consistency and efficiency. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicles have been cleaned and sanitized to perfection. Contact us today for a quote!