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June 23, 2017
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Why Clean Trucks Are Important for the Environment

We all know that sending out clean trucks is something that is important for your company’s image. You want people to see that you care for your fleet and for what is carried in them, whether it is across town or across the country. Did you know, however, that clean trucks are also super important for the environment? It’s true! There are many reasons for you to make sure your trucks are as clean as possible that go beyond what people may think of them as they drive by. The environment is certainly one of those reasons.

First of all, we live in a very large country. I don’t say that to give you a geography lesson, I say this to impress upon you the fact that there are many different areas and climates just in our country alone. We have everything from the normally chilly Maine woods to the hellish Death Valley. Naturally, if you think of this in terms of animals and plants, this means that certain things cannot live in other areas. There is a reason that we don’t have orange groves in Massachusetts like we do in Florida. Certain things need certain factors to survive.

The reason I bring this up is that vehicles which travel pick up particles. It may be pollen or a type of dirt from one area of the country that, when brought to another, may have adverse side effects. Certain plants are extremely resilient and can actually survive in areas they are not native to. While this may be nice to sometimes bring in flowers that you don’t normally see, it can also be extremely damaging to an ecosystem if there is an invasive species that is brought in accidentally. The effects may end up being severely negative.

This is true of bugs and larger animals as well. Where I live, there have been at least two major infestations of bugs that are invasive and not native to our area.  Both of these began because of an accidental release after the bug hitched a ride on a vehicle. Cleaning your trucks can help to prevent this occurring due to one of your drivers. If you were able to help preserve the life of an ecosystem, wouldn’t you?