Mucking out your Wash Rack
November 3, 2016
November 23, 2016
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Corrosion in Winter


Winter, although fun for many, has never been kind to drivers. This is for many reasons, however most people automatically think of ice and snow being the main problems. This is not necessarily true. Winter can wreak havoc with vehicles and a lot of it has to do with what we put on the roads to make it easier to drive. Rock salt is a staple of any winter time drive. It cuts through the snow and the ice to make it safer for everyone to travel on. Unfortunately, the rock salt that is so good on the road is terrible on your car. Even though the use of salt as a deicer on the roads has existed since the 1930’s and has been widely used in conjunction with plowing since the 1960’s, we have unfortunately not been able to come up with a compound that works better with less effects to the metal of cars that it is supposed to help drive easier. There have been studies done which show that rock salt damages cars, trucks, and possibly even buildings. This is extremely prevalent in transport vehicles and cause more problems, one may argue, than it solves. If you have ever owned a black car you know how messy road salt can be. Now imagine this wide spread over your entire fleet of vehicles. Now, think of all that crust white salt boring small holes into the trucks and equipment you paid good money for. You’re going to want to get that cleaned off right away, aren’t you? That is why something like an automated wash system from Neptune is so important. While it is always a good thing to have, it may be even more pressing during the times of the year that bring snow around. Even if you don’t stay in an area that sees snow, if you have a fleet of tractor trailers the chances are you will have to make runs to somewhere that does. While this may seem like a small detail since it doesn’t occur year round, it can cause immense amounts of damage to your vehicles. It is always better to be safe than sorry in regards to your investment and your work. This is no exception. Contact Neptune today and see what we can do for you before the flakes really start flying.