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Keeping Farm Equipment Clean

We often hear people asking why anyone would wash their farm equipment if it is only going to get dirty again. Well, doesn’t anything you clean just get dirty again? However, there are important reasons to keep your equipment clean, that has to do with the equipment’s longevity and even your own health. When one goes through with soap and a pressure washer, there are areas that could not get fully cleaned, creating a need for another cleanse. This is a lot of work for simply taking care of, and ultimately prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. An automated washing system is constructed to solve this problem, and reduce the hassle.

One thing you need to realize about farm equipment is that it comes into contact with things that people will eat. This may seem like a strange thing to mention since there is so much processing that happens to food before it makes it from a farm to anyone’s table, but it does start with your machines. Even just turning over the dirt can introduce bacteria to the soil that may find its way into the food. I think we can all agree that most things taste better without the threat of contamination, so it’s best to do what you can to avoid the possibility.

The main reason why you need to wash your farm equipment often is due to the bacteria that can spread on its surface. Even if you keep your farm clean (or at least as clean as a farm can be), you likely use substances like pesticides and fertilizer which either have toxic chemicals or solid waste in it. I don’t know about you, but I would feel a lot better eating something that isn’t covered in all that. Even if you wash your food before you eat it, there is still a good chance that something has stuck around from when the food was first being grown and processed, because it’s harder to wash something off that’s been there since the beginning.

Here at Neptune, we want to remind you that cleanliness isn’t just for aesthetics. Food and soil safety are paramount, and this, along with equipment upkeep, are practical reasons to keep your farm equipment clean. Thankfully with a Neptune automated wash system, you can rest assured that your farm equipment will be as pristine as possible!